Suspect Insignia
Appears in Def Jam Fight For NY
Venue Hangout Unknown
Fighting Style Streetfighting
Strengths Upper Strength
Lower Strength
Blazin' Move (s) Darkness Falls

Suspect is a featured fighter and playable character from Def Jam Fight for NY.


Suspect is a dark character. Not much is known about him except that he escapes with D-Mob from the initial bust out in the beginning of Story mode. Suspect is a street fighter that is unlockable through Battle mode rewards.

Def Jam Fight for NYEdit

Suspect does not play a role in the storyline, excluding his cameo in the opening cutscene. He is an unlockable character in the rewards.



  • Suspect uses Keith Murray's front blazin' move from Def Jam Vendetta.
  • Suspect is one of three characters, who does not speak in his intro or victory outro. The others are Jervis and Starks.
  • Hero uses Suspect's intro and outro during the second half of the storyline.
  • Suspect's victory outro is similar to Steel's.
  • Suspect is the only character who maxes out in all stats.
  • Suspect's model is identical to Joe Budden; the only thing is that his hat is forward instead of backwards.
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