Def Jam (Vendetta)

Def Jam 1111

Def Jam Vendetta

Owner D-Mob
Location New York City
"This is the Def Jam Tournament, where the big rollers roll and the hottest prove themselves."
—Funkmaster Flex

Def Jam (Vendetta) is a tournament and the final venue in Def Jam Vendetta.


The final tournament for every uprising fighter in the circuit. Those who proved themselves are pitted against the best fighters in the industry. The winner will face one final challenge against the big boss himself.

Events in Def Jam VendettaEdit

This venue was the setting of the final tournament in Def Jam Vendetta. The player faces Keith Murray, Capone, WC, Ghostface Killah, and finally D-Mob.

Opponents Edit

Round 1Edit

Round 2Edit

Round 3Edit

Round 4Edit

Final RoundEdit



  • The venue is named after the record label Def Jam Recordings.
  • In Def Jam Fight For NY, This venue appeared is unplayable in the story mode.

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