Beatboxer is one of the fighting styles featured in Def Jam Icon.


Big Boi can throw it down with his Beatboxing moves.


Heavily inspired by the sweet science, Beatboxing is a perfect fighting style for fighters who like taking things into their own hands…and only their hands. Beatboxing is just what it sounds like—boxing to the beat. But it’s also a strong power-based fighting style. Because Beatboxers are always using their hands, scratch speed, grab speed, and grab break speed are completely maxed out. Better still, their exceptional hand skills also make them unpredictable. Every other fighting style also incorporates kicks, making it easier for enemies to spot high or low attacks. A Beatboxer’s attacks always originate from the arms, making him harder to read. Think about it. If every attack comes from the arms, how can you consistently tell if it’s coming high or low?

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit

Strength Rating Weakness Rating
Scratch Speed 6 Song Switching 1
Grab Speed 6 Directional Counter Speed 1
Grab Break speed 6 Get-up speed 1

Fighting AsEdit

Fighting as a Beatboxer is tougher than you think. You gotta know how to box to make it as a Beatboxer. Use strong punch combinations like left-right and left-right-left combos. As you attack, mix it up high and low evenly. Beatboxers are particularly strong against balanced fighting techniques like Ghetto Blaster and Black Panther.

Fighting AgainstEdit

Taking out a Beatboxer is a lot like playing a cat-and-mouse game where the mouse puts a mean hurt on you. No joke, a Beatboxer is tough as nails and can switch up his combos in no time. Avoid his grab attempts and make every attempt to get him on the ground. Once a Beatboxer is on the floor, stomp him. Beatboxers are among the most susceptible to environmental hazards. Beatboxers will have a harder time beating quick martial artists like Muay Fly and Jah Breaka fighters.

Beatboxer RosterEdit

Fighting Styles in Def Jam Icon
Beatboxer  · Black Panther  · Ghetto Blaster  · Jah Breaka  · Muay Fly  · Street Kwon Do

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